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Register Here To Make Yourself Available For Booking Through SantaRoster

Santa Roster has been providing great real beard Santas to our clients for over 20 years. There is no cost to register and no exclusive commitment so you have no reason not to join.

How does Santa Roster work?
We are powered by a national organization of talent buyers through the network, booking great events since 1983. To get started you can create a free, full featured premium profile on the site. Include as many pictures as you'd like, a full description of what you provide, your experience and qualification, references and more. Anything you'd like to let potential clients know why you are the best Santa for them. Even videos if you'd like! Once your listing is live on the site you'll be available to clients nationwide through our local consultants. But don't worry! We won't be asking you to work in cities that are not close to you. Clients choose where their event will take place and if it is close to where you are based, your listing will come up when they search for their perfect Santa!

How does Santa Roster book events?
When the client is ready to hire you, they simply reach out to us so we can let you know there is an offer on the table. If the date and compensation works for you, we coordinate and contract the engagement with you. It's as simple as that. If you are not available or the engagement is just not right for you, that's OK! You always choose which events you will accept for any reason.

What about an exclusive agreement with Santa Roster?
Nope. We don't lock you up with an "exclusive" and keep you from booking yourself or through any of the other sources like talent booking services, direct bookings, FORBS (The Fraternal Order of Real Bearded Santas) or IBRBS (International Brotherhood of Real Bearded Santas). Some of our santas like to work through Santa Roster all the time, but many have lots of their own clients as well. That's just fine! You can book yourself and use Santa Roster for additional offers. We provide a quality, personal service with integrety and we know you'll like working with us. We don't need to bind you up like some services who suggest or require that. (Because that protects only their interests, not yours!)

What if you don't carry your own insurance? Do we require you to have it or buy it through us?
No. If you carry your own insurance for those events that require it, great. If not, you can be covered by our policy at no cost to you for any event that is contracted through the SantaRoster/GigRoster system. Simple!

There is really no reason you'd NOT want to make yourself available through!

Are you ready to start getting booked for more events? Let's get started with your free registration!